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We are IMA


  • Our mission is to be the preferred partner to the woodworking industry and to establish long-term and worldwide partnerships. We offer innovative solutions to make the companies of our customers even more competitive and successful.
  • Due to the intensive research and development efforts of our people, IMA continually designs new products that set the benchmark for the industry – and which are a big incentive for us.
  • Belonging to the leading companies in our industry on an international scale makes us proud – and ambitious. Also in the years to come, we will target all our efforts at achieving the objective of belonging to the best. To do so, we are in close contact with our customers – worldwide and 24 hours per day. With products and services made by IMA.
  • We feel the pulse of the market: This allows us to design intelligent and flexible machine technology as per the latest market trends and vogues. It makes our solutions future-proof and unique.
  • The worldwide renowned IMA technologies are based upon the people who work at the various sites of the company. To make this last, we make a standard practice of improving qualification and further education of our employees and of course preventative health care. And that’s really the secret to optimally starting a future-oriented professional career.
  • No company achieves its goal of becoming a world market leader by chance. We at IMA know that to do so it takes highly qualified experts who have sufficient freedom for their own developments. In this way, ideas are converted into products ready for the market: innovative, future- and practice-oriented – due to high performance which is rewarded.


  • At the centre of our work are the customers with their specific tasks. For each of them, we develop tailor-made solutions that will give them maximum benefit and quick return on investment.
  • The permanent optimization of processes at all workplaces in the company makes us a strong partner to the woodworking industry. Intelligent control systems support us in this process.
  • Our daily mission is "responsible design and innovation”. This requires commitment and foresight – for the working results, the finished product and of course for the satisfaction of our customers.
  • Having well trained employees is the most important asset for our company. Our know-how is true expert knowledge. Attractive qualification and further education programmes allow for individual improvement and successful career planning.
  • Employees working in development, production, sales and service are committed to servicing satisfied customers all over the globe – with the right machines, sophisticated service packages, fast spare parts supply and always the right advice at the right time. And that is what makes us different from our competitors.


  • We develop high-tech machines for the furniture industry. Nothing more but nothing less. Focusing on the know-how behind our products has made us strong – worldwide.  And that is exactly what the name IMA stands for.
  • Our customers are large corporations and small shops which know their markets and customer very well. So you cannot fool them. Reputations are built over decades, and customer loyalty is only built when you are on a level playing field with the customer. That’s why most companies vote for solutions made by IMA. Because  w e  are those behind the company.
  • Our people are the innovative force behind our success. They provide ideas, make proposals and turn these ideas into creative and practice-oriented machine designs.

Eco-conscious and energy-efficient

  • IMA machines are constantly put to the test in terms of the latest developments in the fields of environmental technology and energy efficiency. This results in technologies that set standards – both for humans and their environment.
  • These are no buzzwords to us, it’s simply the benefit of achieving higher efficiency and competitiveness. And you only achieve this by simultaneously acting in the interest of economy and ecology through sustainable protection of resources and of the climate.