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IMA Canada Corporation

IMA Canada Corp. since 2001

The year was 2001: IMA Klessmann GmbH. decided it was the right time to open an office and represent one of the world's largest wood producing country, Canada. Wood is a major export product for many of the Canadian Provinces. In the past, Canada was known to be an exporter of raw materials, however, Canada became a major producer of goods in the 1960, 70's. The demand for IMA's high quality technologies was apparent. Hence, for example, with the sale of large lines to Groupe Lacasse in Quebec, the demand was ever rising. In january, 2001 a sales and service office together with a parts depot was implemented in Ontario. Close to Toronto's International Airport, well accessible to the eastern and western provinces.

Since 2001, IMA CAnada Corp. is managed and represented by Murat Dogan, President. Long term employees assist in all phases of the business. The IMA Canada team of technicians are factory trained, dedicated people. IMA Canada's professional, dedicated staff strives for success through customer satsifaction!

In partnership with Schelling, another long established well known company in the woodworking industry, IMA Canada Corp. endeavours to provide and assist the unique Canadian woodworking market. From the French speaking province of Quebec in the east to the Pacific coast in the west, this country is ready for IMA's technology.

Company address

IMA Canada Corporation

3400 Ridgeway Drive Unit 8
Mississauga ON L5L 0A2

Phone +1 905 565 000 1
Fax +1 905 565 657 5
President Murat Dogan
Contact person Sales Murat Dogan
Contact person Parts & Service Vince Franchi